What are cookies?

Cookies are small computer files sent by a site to the user's browser whenever they visit a site. With each new visit to the same site, the browser sends cookies back to the server to notify you of previous user activity. Cookies are designed to be a trusted mechanism for sites to "remember" user activity on the site (recorded passwords, usage patterns, clicked links, and so on). In this way, they aim to improve navigation, increasing the efficiency of the search.

Why do we use cookies?

To improve your use of our site. It is through the cookies that the website will know your preferences and usage patterns, thus providing a better service.

You may enable or disable the use of cookies.

You can at any time choose to accept or refuse the installation of cookies on your computer by simply configuring your browser (instructions below). If your browser is configured to accept the recording of cookies, they may be temporarily stored in a specific space on your computer, where they will only be accessible by the broadcaster.

Enabling or disabling cookies on your browser

It varies from browser to browser, so we present a summary of the procedures of the main browsers (however, they all display information in the help menu).



Show advanced settings

On "Privacy" separator, click the button "Content settings"

On "Cookies" separator you can choose from:

Delete cookies

Disable cookies by default

Allow cookies by default

Create exceptions for specific websites or domains

Internet Explorer

Tools > Internet options

"Privacy" separator and then "websites"

In the "Website Address" space, enter the full URL of the web page whose privacy settings you want to customize.

To authorize the registration of cookies from the web page specified on your computer, click "Allow". To prohibit the registration of cookies from the web page specified on your computer, click "Block".

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each web page you want to block or allow. When you are finished, click OK two times.


Tools > Options

"Privacy" separator

In History, select "Use custom settings for history."

Check ​​the "accept cookies" box and click on exceptions to choose the websites that will or will not be allowed to install cookies on your computer.


Preferencies > Advanced > Cookies

The options are:

Accept cookies (all cookies allowed)

Accept cookies only from the sites i visit (third-party cookies from a domain outside the domain you are visiting will be refused)

Never accpet cookies (all cookies refused)



"Privacy" panel

Manage Cookies

Legal notice

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